“Eliana is a great teacher. Her clear and patient instructions were perfect for me as a new yogi, and made me feel relaxed and comfortable ” - Laurie
“ Eliana is an excellent instructor! She imparts her knowledge with a friendly, caring demeanor, always modifying poses as necessary for each individual. Eliana has been instrumental in helping me reach my goals."- Lindie Merritt
“Eliana is great at what she does. I have chronic back pain and since starting yoga, I notice such a difference. Yoga has also taught me to handle stress better. It allows me to escape and shut off the problems of the world and I love that. Eliana is very knowledgeable and switches up our sessions all the time to keep things interesting. Definitely book her. You won’t regret it."- Melissa Long
“Eliana’s stretching exercises helped my tensed muscles relax, and even move other muscles that I’d never even used before!"- Gilda Field
“Yoga with Eliana is the most beneficial activity I’m doing after cancer treatment. It's enabled me to stretch muscles and gain mobility back after months of less than ideal movement of the arms and chest." - Deb Hughes
“ Yoga with Eliana has been very helpful to me in reducing stress, increasing relaxation, and promoting flexibility. I look forward to my “me time” with Eliana.”-Judy Held
“Eliana is a great Yoga teacher. When I started her session I was having lots of pain and muscle stiffness from my breast cancer surgery, and her techniques help me a lot! She always focuses on each individual’s needs before starting the session.” - Rose Mathieu
“Eliana is the best yoga instructor. She genuinely cares about her students’ individual concerns and always asks if I have any areas that I want to work on. She is very patient and I can tell she loves what she does. I tell everyone that I talk to about her yoga instruction and how good it is. I look forward to my time with her every week.” -  Maxine Wilson-Bacon
“I wanted to take a moment to thank you and let you know how valuable the yoga instruction you provide has been for me. After my mastectomy, my goal was to regain full range of motion and strength. Yoga with you has helped me physically and the positive energy you provide has helped me mentally. You pay close attention to each persons needs and limitations. Guide us to listen to our bodies, stretch in a good way and provide helpful modifications if needed. I use many of the poses and relaxation techniques you teach at home every day and I truly believe it has made my journey much easier.”- Rena